Why I’ve Been Absent

I am a mom
I’m now a dance mom
I have a new job
I am volunteering with a local charity providing mentorship for kids
I have completely changed my eating habits which now requires at least 4 hours prep
I am back in school
I am overwhelmed!

But I am completely excited to be back to blogging!

More updates to come 🙂

Lessons From a Second Time Mom

Having a second child is a huge cause for celebration, but there are also fears. How will you manage two children? Will my older child hate their new sibling? It’s a decision that changes your entire family dynamic and it’s natural to have fears about how those changes will affect everyone but it’s OK. There are also lessons that only this experience can teach you.

Lesson #1: You Learn Your Children Can Survive Waiting
Now that there are two, your time is split. Before when you only had one, you could focus all your energy on them and help them or play with them whenever you wanted to. But with two, it’s gets trickier. You need to convey to your oldest that you are busy with the baby but you need to do it in a way that doesn’t raise resentment between siblings. I found that asking your older child to help in as many ways as they can lessens the resentment and makes them feel like a member of the family. From getting diapers to distracting the baby by showing off their toys, any little bit can help both of you. Your children will also amaze you with what they can come up with when they are left alone for a few minutes. They do find ways to entertain themselves.

Lesson #2: You Will Learn to Plan Your Time
I’m sorry to break the news to you, but if you are a planner you will need to embrace that there will be chaos for a while. A simple trip to the grocery store can become an overwhelming endeavor with two or more children to bring along. Also, with one child, it’s much easier to get breaks and time to yourself than with multiple kids. The best advice is to plan ahead. Schedule some time to yourself. Even a ½ hour trip by yourself to Target can make all the difference. It gives you time to clear your head and get your thoughts in order. Very important those first few sleep deprived months.

Lesson #3: It’s OK to Have Bad Days
Pinterest is a wonderful website that can entertain and distract us for hours. It can also make us feel like the worst mothers on the planet because we can’t DIY educational games for our toddler out of Elmers glue and popsicle sticks while feeding a newborn one handed with our perfect, perky boobs. Accept this now: you can’t do everything and you are not perfect. I promise you that’s a good thing. Think about your parents, do you love them because they are perfect? Kids needs are much more simple then you think; food, shelter, warmth and most of all….love. If your kids know you love them, then you can forgive yourself for making peanut butter and jelly 4 days in a row and only washing enough dishes to get through the next meal. You’re human and you are raising very tiny humans. A little dust is forgivable.

The moral of this story is that it’s OK to be happy, sad, scared and underprepared all at the same time at the thought of having another baby. You are a mother and you are doing your best. Just say that to yourself whenever you reach a pause and know that you are getting double the love and cuddles.

About the blogger: Jessica Churchill is a wife, mother of 2 boys and a spare time IMG_1973blogger. She lives in southern Connecticut with her family and enjoys summer days, Sunday night HBO and getting five minutes to drink a cup of coffee. She’s embraced that she will never be June Clever since she drinks, swears and loves dirty jokes. She blogs at www.domesticatedwildchild.com.

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3 Ways to Make Parenting Feel Easier

Group Of Children Playing In Park

News Alert: Parenting is not an easy task. Forget the lies you’ve heard, this thing is no joke! Let me just say one day in the life of  mother is like a day on the battle field; never ending and filled with tasks from every angle. If you are like us and you have a 9-5 you know what it is to go to bed so beat that you haven’t had a chance to take off your work clothes! Although its tough, there are so many tips and tricks for parenting that can help you save time, save money and make parenting as a whole an easier thing (thank goodness for mommy groups and Pintrest!)

1. Schedules are a Heaven Sent. Create schedules for every day of the week! Whether they are post it notes, Iphone schedules or an internal schedule. Know what it is you need to accomplish each day and set time out to accomplish them. Having a guideline to follow is the most important element to keeping sane. We’ve had to experience this to tell you it works!

2.  Don’t be Afraid to Ask For Help. Um hello, help me, I am about to runaway! Yup, I remember the days of thinking I could do it all on my own. HA. No one does and for those that try, I wish you all the best! Asking for help does not let you less of a mom nor does it make you a bad mom. It makes you a very smart mom that realize that you are not able to do everything on your own, and thats okay!

3. Mommy needs her time. Yes you are super mom and you always want to be with your kids, nurturing them and ensuring that all is well but you also need time to rejuvenate so that you can be the best mommy for your kids. Whether its going for a swim, catching a mid day movie or hanging with the girls, adult time is definitely a necessity. Get some now!

There are loads of easy to use, easy to find tips to make parenting a little less difficult, find what works for you and enjoy the joys of motherhood!

One Jazzy Mom

Mommy Essentials: Hand Sanitizer

FOM believes that great design is something that everyone should be touched by every day.

FOM believes that great design is something that everyone should be touched by every day.

Being a mommy can and will be messy, Always! From sand castle building on the beach to potty slip ups and then some, a prepared mother is the best mother. While each mother have their personal list of essentials that must be in their bags everywhere they go, there are some items that are required no matter who you are. Baby wipes, a change of underwear, napkins and of course hand sanitizer.

Hand Sanitizer is a Jazzy Mom’s must have! We love the FOM Brands alcohol free foam sanitizer. FOM Brands strives to do much more than simply make great products. Their passion to develop the best products while making sure that they not only have a positive effect the customers, but undoubtedly help the planet, is truly an inspiration.  We love that the FOM Brands foam hand sanitizer are alcohol free which means it requires a little more time rubbing hands together, but the moisturizing element in the sanitizer is perfect and will not leave your skin dried out. The fragrance is light and fresh and is safe for both mommies and kids.

Check out FOM Brand products today and get one step closer to germ-free!

Jazzy Mom Approved product.

Celebrity Moms I’d Friend in Real Life

So we all have those celebrity moms that reminds us of or girlfriends or someone we would want to be friends with if the opportunity was given. And if you don’t, you should really look into what you are watching! Celebrity moms are fun because they go through every episode experiencing the same things we “real moms” experience but with a script. They are always put together, always able to solve a problem and they make the big issues of parenting  seem like child play; but despite all of this, we love TV moms!

Here are our top three favorite TV Moms:

Tia Mowry of NicKMoms: Instant Mom

Kourtney Kardashian from Keeping Up with The Kardashians



Sofia Veraga of Modern Family

Who are your favorite TV Moms? Name the moms you could totally see yourself kicking it with!